How to Transform Café-Style Planted Shutters

How to Transform Café-Style Planted Shutters

If you have Plantation Shutters Katy and want to add an upper level, you must know that it is a doable process on the whole. Adjustments will be needed in the way the window shutters are installed, but in general, it can be completed. Read on to learn more about how to convert Cafe-Style plantation shutters by adding an upper tier to your existing blinds.

What Is Cafe-Style Plantation Shutter?

Cafe-style plantation shutters are a kind of shutter that are half the height of full-height shutters. These types of window blinds just cover the bottom half of a window. And these shutters are a very popular option for numerous homeowners as they are cheap than full-height style shutters as well as give privacy while still allowing natural light into the room. In general, cafe-style blinds are usually perfect for living rooms and kitchens that face the street. They are rarely chosen for bedrooms.

Why Do Homeowners Add Upper Levels to Their Existing Cafe-Style Shutters?

Only a few individuals want full-height shutters right away. Initially, homeowners usually opt for cafe-style shutters. Cafe-style window shutters are an attractive choice in many cases due to their visual decor statement and their aptitude to provide privacy as well as the luxury of natural light at the same time.

As time goes by, homeowners modify their minds sometimes about having the upper of the window exposed as well as the full coverage needed. This is just when they take into account upgrading them by adding an upper tier to the existing blind configuration. There are two key reasons why individuals choose to add a higher level to their cafe-style plantation shutters.

1. Privacy Is Required

Because the Plantation Shutters Katy are designed to cover just the bottom section of the window, more privacy is added while the top section is left clear for extreme light. When it comes to making a completely private space, the best way to reach it is to wholly cover a window. By adding an upper level that wholly covers the window, you can make sure that you have full privacy. This is the most efficient process to make both a darker and more private space in your room when necessary. Also, click here to find out more about 5 Good Reasons Why People Appreciate Plantation Shutters.

2. Better Light Control Is Required

Homeowners find sometimes that half-part window shutters just aren’t sufficient for them in terms of the control of light. This is particularly real in cases where still there is too much light reflecting off your furniture and so, homeowners choose that they prefer not to have the upper of the window showing.

The Procedure of Adding an Upper Level to Existing Cafe-Style Shutters

To avoid the impression that one section has been added to the other, it is necessary to install full-size louvered window frames with the purpose of the windows retaining the best complete look. The new exterior shutter frame is needed also to support the new upper-level addition.

Can I Add a Top Tier to My Cafe-Style Window Shutters?

If you like the appearance of Plantation Shutters Katy but feel they are misplaced something, don’t worry. The great news is that it’s possible to take your existing Cafe-Style Plantation Shutters up a notch in most circumstances. With an extra panel of shutters, you can take the privacy and light control of your plantation shutters to the desired maximum.


Keep in mind that adding a top tier to your existing Cafe-Style Plantation Shutters relies on your window frame, plantation shutters, as well as condition. To ensure the fix can be accomplished, please contact your local blind expert to confirm.