Plantation Shutters

Cleaning & Maintaining Your Plantation Shutters 

Plantation Shutters are an excellent way to add personality to your house and are a feature that is certain to catch the judgment of anybody who walks in. But, the design is a little more complex than standard shutters, plantation window shutters call for a little more care to keep a healthy, eye-catching look. 

In this article, we explore cleaning and maintaining shutters and how different types of shutters need a dissimilar care routine. 

How Often Should I Clean Plantation Shutters? 

It is suggested that you quickly dust your Shutters once a week to prevent dirt from discoloring the sashes. Intensive cleaning with water as well as a mild detergent is recommended once a month, to reach the corners where dust has settled. 

What Is the Best Way to Clean Window Shutters? 

  1. Wooden Plantation Shutters

Wooden shutters can be ruined by moisture in place of them and can enter the wood to warp or split. These kinds of window shutters can be maintained with a simple cloth or duster. When the color has lost its intensity, furniture polish can help restore some of its color as well.  

Ensure to avoid all liquids when cleaning your  Shutters and to use a soft cloth, because the wood can be simply scratched by a harsh surface. 

  1. PVC Plantation Shutters

PVC window shutters require little maintenance and are very easy to clean. Regular dusting is recommended as dust can rapidly build up between shutters and must be done at a minimum once a month to make sure no allergy-causing particles build up.  

A damp cloth can be used to clean the blades for a deeper clean. It can be only water or just mixed with a mild detergent; Household cleaners must be avoided because they can remove paint. 

  1. Aluminum Plantation Shutters

Aluminum Shutters are very strong, making them a better option for both interior and exterior use. This resistance makes them simple to clean: a simple duster and a damp cloth are enough to keep them looking like new. One of the additional advantages of aluminum plantation shutters is that you don’t have to be scared of the paint chipping, so you can use water as well as a mild detergent.  

It is best to avoid harsh cleaners like PVC shutters because they can damage the powder coating. A hose can also be used if your shutters are external. 

What Is the Easiest Way to Clean Window Shutters? 

  • When removing dust from the blades, ensure to begin from the top as pieces of dust will certainly fall onto the blades under.
  • If you have aluminum shutters and live near salt water, it is essential to clean them more frequently as salt air can enter erosion if allowed to build up.
  • Avoid getting metal hinges wet while cleaning plantation shutters, because this can also cause erosion.
  • Use a handheld vacuum cleaner to quickly remove dust from slats and a small toothbrush for difficult areas.


I hope you enjoyed reading the above tips on cleaning and maintaining shutters. I believe that this guide assists you in keeping your Plantation Shutters looking as perfect as the day they were installed. Read more.